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Financial freedom is now closer than ever with dfree®. We are here to help you turn your debts, delinquencies and deficits into deposits, dividends and deeds in order +to better protect your loved ones, create a legacy, and build strong communities. We know that thinking about your finances can be overwhelming, so we have created the tools and support to help you get started now.


You can complete the dfree® program in the way that suits you best: alone, in a group, or online through the dfree® Academy. No matter what format you choose, you will receive expert tips, videos, guides, books and other resources that help you gain and maintain control of your finances.


Connect with the dfree® community to get ahead and stay ahead. Attend dfree® conferences and events and follow us on social media. Learn about and participate in local support groups and other networking opportunities. One of the most comforting and empowering discoveries in your dfree® experience will be finding out how many people there are with circumstances similar to yours. The dfree® movement unites people around the common goal of debt freedom. We will help change your life, and help you do the same for others.


The dfree® movement is progressive. As you benefit and grow, you will be equipped with the resources, tools and insights to help others see the benefit of sound financial management practices. We hope you will encourage others to take control of their finances the same way that you have. dfree® will enable you to enjoy the great benefits of giving back to your household, your family and your community. When you are ready to make a donation or to become a dfree® sponsor or trainer so that more people can participate in dfree®, we’re ready to partner with you.


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